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Sandrine De Rosa

Olivier Arnoux

After pursuing musical training in national schools, Lyon Conservatoire and Faculty, Sandrine quickly chooses to step into theater as a violonist, viola player, and comedian ("Insomnie" of Laurent Fréchuret) and, since 2007, she has been performing as musician / comedian (Company "Image Aigue" of Christiane Véricel).

Sandrine has also participated in the creations of the "Impromptus" troup : "Ici là-bas" at the "Théâtre des Célestins" and, "Les Ogres" in 2010. Tours in Europ are organised in conjunction with these shows.

She is mentored by various artists while a clown, with the "Compagnie du Voyageur Debout", puppet like character with the "Compagnie du Fust" of Emilie Valantin.

She stages shows for diverse groups and organisations in the Lyon Region. Passioned about more intimate musical style, she accompanies / co-produces arrangements for the singer Marie Zambon.
After being with the Rock Band "Les Idées Noires" with the talented Fred Radix, Olivier took some courses in Oriental and Afro-cuban percussions amongst others. He also practiced guitar and Irish flute while learning tap-dancing.

He bridges theater and music while attending workshops / traineeships playing clown and acting in improvisation theater with the "Compagnie du Voyageur Debout"

Olivier plays music on unusual objects and combines modern technology (loop station and other accessories). He specialises himself in the creation and the construction of sound objects and in scenography. He is the inventor of sound objects.

Jocelyne Condat

Licilia Moënne Loccoz

Trompettist, singer, percussionist and compositor, Jocelyne has been pursuing her stage experiences throughout multi-disciplinary projects at the meeting point of theater, music and dance. She is the Queen Danaée in the show "Mes songes d’une nuit d’été" directed by Roger Bories ("Les Nouveaux Nés" Company).

She is a percussionist and bugler during the 2004 "Percussions de Treffort" tour in Poland with Jean Luc Peilhon and Michel Boiton, both composers.

In 2009, she creates the singing show "Rose et Roger" in residence at the "Concerts de l'Auditorium" of Villefrance-sur-Saône and at the "Espace Tonkin" of Villeurbanne.

Trained at the National Conservatoire of Lyon (CNR) and then as a clown with "Le Voyageur Debout" and the company "Nez à Nez", she has worked as a Corporate Trainer in Comedy since 2009.
Percussionist and dancer, she combines these two disciplines with the Company "Ces Temps Ci". In addition, she has been involved in other performing art projects.

She has also been playing percussions for the Company "Chantiers Mobiles" at street festivals / shows.
Of particular significance, she danced for the opening ceremony of the 1992 Olympic Games in Albertville.
She works as a Choregrapher / Teacher-Trainer at the Training Center of Music Facilitators / Teachers.