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"Ces Temps Ci" at the parade of the Lyon Dance Biennale
The largest European dance gathering !

Both Composer and Choregrapher during two parades in 2006 and 2010, for the city of Meyzieu and the 5th Arrondissement of Lyon respectively. Biennales involve at least one year of work, including the project concept design, artistic team management and, supervision of dance and music workshops. And yet a fantastic creative adventure where dance is connected to music and drama.
180 community volunteers participate and perform our artistic scenario !
2006 "Une histoire d’O"

In 2092, the planet Earth has exhausted all its natural reserve of water. Because of excessive waste, cities have dried out and the population has run away leaving behind a barren and hostile land...
2010 "Le Lexoque des P’tits bonheurs"

Creation of musics and choregraphics inspired from the fanciful and hilarious world of Boris Vian.
Inventing and distorting our everyday life to see and enjoy little pieces of happyness in each moment.
biennale 2006
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biennale 2010
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Photo credit : Catherine Manin

Reported in the press : :
"Une Ville d'O" which title remains a show from the "Cirque du Soleil" with a brilliant shoal of blue costumes and a particularly impressive fleet." - New York Times, 19th September 2006

"The ceremony of waters, imagined by the Company 'Ces Temps Ci' : a festive and communicative Tsunami. The city of water becomes an oasis where everybody share a sense of purity with one's mate… One of the most succesfull pieces of this 2006 parade : mineral and elementary" - Le Progres, 18th September 2006