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A show full of unexpected sonorities and unusual items : a sink-like xylophone swinging on the tune of an accordion, a song of bouncing five gallon water bottles, a flying fish hooked to tubular plumbing, a raft trunk dragging four castaways.

Even sand and stones in their shoes cannot stop these street performers. Either spining around their handle water bottles into the air, creating waves of melodies, dancing on shores, exploring new found lands, it is just an exhilarating new found band.

This show brings us into imaginery sounds and visuals of water bottles, between intimate melodies and choreographed polyrhythmics.

"Ces Temps Ci" has utilised the five gallon water bottle since 1997. Diverted from its usual function, the water bottle, which holds a prime position within the various creations of the Company, arouses wonder and curiosity of the public.

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Photo Credits : Agnes Rippert
Dominique Villy

Video abstract "C'est encore loin la mer ?"

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