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Musical Theater for children

One of the feature of "Ces Temps Ci" Company can be found in its work with young people.

The troupe has created and staged musical theater shows with children since 1998, both in France and overseas.

The Company distinguishes itself by associating musicians and comedians together with children on stage.

Bidons de vie
Transit à Hue la Poule
In 2000, "Bidon de Vie" was created in the "Théâtre de la Renaissance" of Ouillins.

In 2002, "Transit à Hue la Poule" was co-produced by "Théâtre de la Renaissance" (Oullins) and "Espace Tonkin" (Villeurbanne).

In 2008, "Ces Temps Ci" travelled to Guyana to create a huge parade using percussion, throughout the streets of Saint Laurent du Maroni (re. page Video)