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Workshops / Traineeship

The Company puts together a wide range of hands-on workshops in performing arts, targeting children and adults alike, both in France and overseas.
Each training brings people together and stimulates creativity throughout theater, music and dance.
The making of music revolves around large water bottles which sound like melodious percussion instruments.

1)   Artistic Classes
Funded by the National Department of Education, Regional Department of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) and local councils.
Targeting primary and high schools, these classes enable students to meeting with a professional Company and to developing inovative and high standard artistic skills.

2)   Professional Development Opportunities for Adults
Coaching professional or semi-professional artistic practices around creative expression is an essential part of our artistic activity. A few objectives of our training include knowing how to set a scene or developing a staging conscious and, a creative process linking dance, theater and music together.

The Company supervises musical theater creation traineeships for students at the Training Center of Music Facilitators / Casual Teachers (CFMI) of Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand, but also for permanent / accredited Music Teachers in schools throughout the Rhône-Alpes region.

3)   Workshops in jails
Concerned with initiating social projects and staying in touch with local realities, the Company organises and facilitates workshops in the penitentiary system (e.g. Prison of Corbas in the Rhône Region in 2010).